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About Jenn, Money Maven

I am a Virtual Chief Financial Officer and Money Maven working with six & seven figure creative entrepreneurs who are working in the online space.

I have been an accountant for decades, and have worked with hundreds of small business owners for almost 30 year.  I love numbers, spreadsheets, and Quickbooks, and helping my clients master their money and rock their business finances.

I'm one of those very rare people who is creative, artistic, and also analytical and logical.  I use both sides of my brain.  I am an INFJ, an empath, and intuitive.  I practice the Law of Attraction, Money Alchemy and relish in my own personal growth and development.

I have found that working with creative entrepreneurs brings me joy and matches my skill set well. I get the creative mind, and am able to get beyond the confusion and fear around money and business, setting my clients up for success by helping them understand how to manage their business finances, with a good dose of money mindset work.I love making sense of the office chaos, setting up accounting systems and working with numbers.  As a Virtual CFO, I partner with you to help you with the part of your business that you hate and help you love your money.

I'm a bit of a nomad and wanderer. Since I don't like to be in one place too long, I split my time between Southern California where I live next to the ocean and the beautiful Pacific Northwest in a quaint tiny tourist town on the Olympic Peninsula.  

Jenn is a wealth of knowledge and she held nothing back! I’m an ambitious lady, but amazed even myself with how much I was able to get done with Jenn’s guidance & support. Working with Jenn completely cleared up all the confusion, anxiety and fear I had and thanks to her, I’m living my dreams as a successful entrepreneur! If you’re on the fence about whether working with Jenn is a good idea or not, do yourself a favor and go for it! She seriously knows her stuff. I wouldn’t be where I am today in my life and business had it not been for her.
— Jemese L., Intuitive Coach
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